With 2009 so close, everybody hurries to choose their “Best games of 2008”, but we’re forgetting a very, very important aspect: the free games, the titles you can download and enjoy without paying a single penny! But don’t worry, we have a list of the Best Free Games of 2008 – in no particular order, since it’s hard to choose the “best of the best” when it comes to quality titles offered for free, right? So waste no time and check out our list – you’ll find at least one title you’ll play for hours, days and months – for FREE!

Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War

Stainless Steel Studios and Midway Games developed this real time strategy game that also challenges players with bits of third person action gameplay! However, except for the innovative mix of RTS with third person action, Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War is not a game to blow you away, but the fact that it can be played for free and the rather lengthy campaign add up to its value. There’s a tiny little problem with this title, though: it is ad supported and it only works for the folks in the US… Download here.


Imagine a mix between Robotron and Guitar Hero, create an isometric universe of color and light, add some flawless, addictive gameplay and you’ll understand why Synaesthete deserve it’s place on this list, even though it was released in late 2007. Trust us, it’s really worth the exception – download here and you’ll see!


Constantly updated and upgraded, this remake of the classic Civilization game from Sid Meyers will probably get on next year’s list, then next year’s one and so on. Bringing back to your computers everything that was nice about the original Civilization game and patching it with updated graphics and incredibly cool multiplayer support, Freeciv is a must play! Download it here.

The Suffering

Originally released four years ago, this classic horror first person shooter was recently offered as a free download by its developers, and I strongly recommend it to anybody who loves the horror FPS genre. Just turn the lights off, set the volume to maximum and you’ll be having the time of your life. For free – download here.

Full Spectrum Warrior

A real time tactics game – and a high quality one, too – that was developed four years ago but offered for free in 2008. It is a solid squad-based game which offers players the control of two fireteams. And having in mind that it’s the younger brother of Full Spectrum Command, a title used by the US Army to train its soldiers (and a game that was never released to the public) you have a strong reason to give it a try. Click here and get ready for a long wait, since Full Spectrum Warrior is available for free as a 1.6GB download.