dnf-christmas-artEven though about 11 years too late, Duke Nukem Forever developers 3D Realms have decided to gift us with a pretty intriguing character artwork from the (hopefully) upcoming title, just in time for Christmas and just perfect to still keep our interest in the title as high as possible (and this sky-high interest is quite amazing for a game that was announced in 97!)

Even though scary, cool and very detailed, the six enemies are hopefully not ALL types of enemies we’ll encounter if we’ll ever get the chance to play Duke Nukem Forever in this life cycle. Anyway, I am sure that even if there will be 100 different types of enemy characters, 80 hours of gameplay and DNF would really be a flawless FPS, people will still be left with a sour taste in their mouth since everybody is definitely expecting more than its technologically possible from the new Duke Nukem Game.

But that probably matters the least – let’s just hope that the game’s release date, set to “when it’s done” right now actually means this decade. It would be awesomely cool. And then, a new set of jokes will take place of the ones we’ve all heard tens of times already. Just imagine: Duke Nukem Forever 2!