A brand new and extremely exciting hidden object adventure game has just been launched over at Big Fish Games. PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes is part of the highly appreciated PupperShow series and brings the high quality gameplay and ideas straight to your room with this new title. Even more, there’s a promotional offer for those who haven’t played the previous titles in the series, but we’ll talk about it below, after we check out the details about this game.

The story of PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes goes like this: “You have been called to Paris to investigate a string of mysterious abductions. Several women vanished recently after being struck by mysterious lightning bolts. What’s more, it appears the women are being turned into… puppets! But just who is behind the crimes, what do they want, and how does it all work? To find out, you’ll need to explore the streets of Paris, solving tricky puzzles and uncovering hidden clues. Just remember to keep your wits about you… Not everything is as it seems in this thrilling Hidden Objects Puzzle Adventure game.”

The retro setting of the game manages to remain sci fi an entertaining enough, the characters in this game are all very well done and you will end up caring about them and the story overall – something that not all games manage to create. The hidden object scenes come with an extremely interesting mechanic: you are given verbal or written clues (but you can also switch to a list of pictures). Mini games, nice areas to visit – everything is here for a high quality title.

As I was saying there is also a special offer in place for those who decide to buy the game today on its launch day (August 22nd): if you use the coupon code PUPPET at checkout after adding this game to the card and any other Collector Editions in the series, every additional PuppetShow game will cost just $4.99. An amazing deal to get the games that you didn’t get the chance to play in the series!

So head over to Big Fish Games and download this amazing title, PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes. If you do it today, you can also take advantage of its great discount offer!