It’s with great joy that I announce the launch of the third title in the Cooking Academy series, Cooking Academy 3: Recipe for Success that can be downloaded right away from Big Fish Games. The amazing time management game is back to challenge you once more and this time it’s better than ever!

After winning a million dollars and starting your own restaurant, you are now writing your very own cookbook! And who better to help your research than your old professor Henri Formage and his friends! Learn interesting trivia about food while mastering all new skills and mini-games including Refrigerate, Seasoning, Find Food, and much more! Cook croissants, tapioca pudding, chicken & waffles, and many more new, exciting recipes!

So as you can imagine, the best thing about Cooking Academy 3: Recipe for Success is the game’s variety: there are so many items in the game that you will never get bored with chopping, peeling, slicing and boiling (and, as you saw in the description, a lot more).

The graphics are really cute and well done and the level of difficulty is gradually increasing, so you will have enough time to get used with all the things to do in the game. A must have game, I might add, so head over to Big Fish Games to download Cooking Academy 3: Recipe for Success!