I hope you are ready for a huge challenge in New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, the latest and very fun game released over at Big Fish Games. You’ve got to put on the shiny armor and test your time management skills, otherwise things are going to get really ugly. But actually they won’t, because you are in charge and I am sure you can do it!

New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court combines nail-biting time management thrills with the ease-of-play casual gamers enjoy! When a bolt of lightning sends you back to the days of King Arthur, you trade in your farmer’s hat for a suit of armor and set off on a journey to find the Fountain of Youth! To complete your mission, you’ll need to gather resources, build thriving settlements and fight off monsters! Are you ready to begin your quest?

Expect to get from the game some really cute graphics and overall a solid gameplay where you will have to build all sort of buildings, collect resources and defeat the enemies that come to scare away your workers.

All in all, a great experience and I truly recommend it to you. So head over to Big Fish Games and download New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court!