Mobile games publisher Chillingo is proudly announced today that nine titles from its Android mobile game catalog will be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch and will take advantage of the new smart phone’s 5-inch 1080p powered AMOLED screen and quad/octa-core processor capabilities. “The device has stunning new features that pushes game development even further and we’re working closely with our indie partners to bring more fantastic titles to the platform,” exclaims Ed Rumley, COO, Chillingo.

This launch promises something for people who want to have fun killing a few minutes on their new Galaxy S4 phones. They can fling cannon balls to topple structures and rescue a princess in Catapult King. Or they can lead pin-sized armies into battle in Tiny Troopers. While it’s no substitute for actual driving lessons, players can practice their precision or takeout their frustration over bad parking jobs in Parking Mania. Tile matching enthusiasts and town building game enthusiasts can enjoy doing both with one game thanks to Puzzle Craft. Players can repair broken plumbing and feed a literally living land in Feed Me Oil. Tower defense fans can protect the Pacific Rim in iBomber Defense Pacific. Physics-based puzzle fans can guide a mysterious creature in a visually stunning world in Contre Jour. Racing game fans can take in the detail and multiplayer challenge of DrawRace 2. And players wanting to play the antihero in the stealth game Robbery Bob.

Games will be available through Google Play as costs range from free to play to a few dollars.