Fans of the classic “Peanuts” cartoon series and fans of side scrolling run & dodge games will be glad to hear that Chillingo’s hit Snoopy Coaster is now free for a limited time at the App Store.

In his attempts to become a roller coaster ace, Snoopy is the lead of a roller coaster ride alongside Charlie Brown and his friends. Your task is to keep the roller coaster going as you tap the screen to jump over gaps in the track, swirl the screen to spend more time on loops, collect coins, and hit a variety of flying objects that have the misfortune to be in Snoopy’s way. Completing objectives that coincide well with the core gameplay of taking Snoopy as far as you can will progress through levels and perhaps unlock new stages.

The gameplay is simple enough for all ages yet challenging as players progress. The music, voice work of the hapless roller coaster riders, and art style are sure to bring some nostalgia to “Peanuts” fans. And it’s free for now. So check out this fun little game and see how far you can take the beloved beagle.