The side scrolling run & dodge game like Jetpack Joyride has been relatively fun and easy to create for mobile devices. Now Chillingo has released Dead Ahead, another one of these games that has both a premise that makes sense and some challenging fun mixed in.

Dead Ahead has a familiar premise: Zombies are coming for you; run like hell. Though instead of running, you have a Vesper. Mounting your Vesper, you have to outrun the pursuing zombies, run over the zombies ahead of you, dodge obstacles, collect power-ups, and occasionally shoot zombies who are too close for comfort. Coins are collected for distance, kills, and miscellaneous tasks that can be used to upgrade weapons and vehicles–or you can just do an in-app purchase.

The touch screen controls are simple: Tap a button to accelerate or fire weapon on the left side of the screen and drag finger up & down on the right side of the screen to steer. It’s simple, but my steering finger tends to cover the obstacles that I’m trying to steer around.

Though the game is simple and familiar, Dead Ahead is simply fun and worth a look. Who knows, it may even provide good practice when the zombies do come to get you.