The new title from HeroCraft, Race Illegal, is now available for mobile devices. The new street racing game promises exciting challenges and unique customization options.

In Race Illegal, players can completely forget speed limits and drive as fast as they can, what really matter is to achieve victory. With 9 potent cars to choose from and 20 track races to run over, players have plenty of choices to experience the game in many ways, trying new tactics to overrun the opponent.

This racing game presents a realistic gameplay through real driving physics, stunning effects and authentic street race atmosphere, as HeroCraft stated:

HeroCraft are delighted to announce that the true racing experience has arrived with Race Illegal on Android. Real driving physics, insane drifts and nitrous boosts and some of the most visually stunning locations to drive around, Race Illegal has it all.

Racers can play alone or with friends, while tuning and customizing their cars as they best wish. The streets will never be the same again – “have you got what it takes to Race Illegal?”