After upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S2 to Jelly Bean and losing everything after failing to back up my data, imagine my surprise when I went to download all my old apps, only to find one of my favourites missing entirely, even from my purchased apps list!

That’s right, an app that I had bought and paid for, with my own hard-earned money, has been taken away from my by those greedy money-grubbing people at EA. I was unable to download the app from the store, as there was no link. An email to PopCap support elicited the following reponse:

Hello from PopCap,

I’m very sorry, but we have stopped selling this game for Android devices at this time due to incompatibility issues with later devices and OS versions.
To receive a refund, you will have go through Google Play to do receive that.

We may make it available again in the future if sufficient interest exists.

Please come visit us again at!

PopCap Customer Support

The good news is that the game is available for download again, as if nothing has happened. I notice, however, that the game is not showing up on searches.

Whether you want to pay money, however, for a product that seems not to work on the majority of devices, is another matter entirely. For what it’s worth, the game works on my Samsung Galaxy S2 on Android 4.1.2, but some issues remain such as random freezes and crashes.

Still, it is good to know that I can at least download the game that I paid for again.