Burn, Bash and Explore in Humble Bundle 8

Burn, Bash and Explore in Humble Bundle 8

The chaps behind the Humble Bundle today announced that the sale has started its eighth iteration.

This time around, players can get access to five games for as little as one cent. First is the pyromaniac puzzle game Little Inferno.  Second is Capsized, a side scrolling platformer crossed with a shooter that features a hand drawn art style. Thomas Was Alone is a straight up side scrolling platformer, using a very simplistic, blocky artstyle. Awesomenauts is another side scrolling game, although its a cartoony game that borrows heavily from the “MOBA” genre. Finally, Dear Esther is an indie game which features very little traditional gameplay, instead sticking players on a deserted island and asking them to explore it.

If players opt to pay more than a dollar, they’ll also get the games on Steam, along with the soundtracks for all five games.

As always, there’s also an incentive to pay more than the average. Currently it’s sitting at $5.69, and beating it will net you copies of the brutal Hotline Miami as well as the much more peaceful Proteus. You’ll also get access to the soundtrack for Proteus.

If you’re interested in getting some great indie games for a cheap price or just want to support the devs, head over to the official site.