black-mesa-concept-characterYou’ve probably heard already about an incredible Half Life 2 mod titled Black Mesa: we’ve presented you with a video of it a while ago and everybody was amazed. However, there were absolutely no details regarding the release date and, as we all know, Mods can take quite a while to hit the market. Fortunately, Carlos Montero, the project leader really intends to do the job properly together with his team and therefore, now, we have a bit more details regarding the release date of the Black Mesa Mod.

Speaking about the project with The Age, Carlos Montero said: “I won’t say anything more specific than “Late 2009”. Like any developer, we want to squeeze as much awesome in as possible before we ship, but we won’t withhold it any longer than absolutely necessary once it’s done.”

This probably means that we might be seeing Black Mesa released just in time for Christmas – it would make complete sense, even though competition during the holidays is very intense. However, that’s how we would translate “late 2009”. Hopefully the developers will agree and, most important, no unexpected bugs will be found to delay the release. Yes, I can hardly wait to play this promising mod!