Robot Entertainment LogoMany of the original founders of the now defunct Ensemble Studios have decided to create a brand new games studio, as Bruce Shelly himself announced a few weeks ago. The new studio is called Robot Entertainment and has a staff of 45 people, all former Ensemble Studios – so we could say that this studio is actually the unofficial son of Ensemble.

Tony Goodman, the founder of Ensemble, is the CEO of Robot, but we have no mention of the other 44 names in the team. However, Goodman said: “The video game industry is in a state of upheaval, not just games, but the entire landscape. Everything is changing: where we buy games, how we buy games, how much we pay, how long we play, who we play them with. As a fast-moving independent team of game developers, industry leaders and market experts, Robot Entertainment is ideally positioned to play a transformative role in the industry’s future.”

In other words, this could mean that the studio plans to focus on digitally distributed titles, eventually episodic content. We’ll find out more when they decide to share some extra details. Until then, it’s worth noting that Robot Entertainment will be developing additional content for the to-be-released Halo Wars (which they developed as Ensemble) and support the community websites and online gaming of both the aforementioned RTS and Age of Empires. More details will hopefully follow shortly.