I think that you’ve already got the chance to experience quite a bit RAGE after Bethesda and id Software have released RAGE (that if you managed to fix the crashes and graphics glitches) and I am sure that by now you already have your own favorite weapon which you consider to be the Best Weapon in Rage.

Personally, I love the Crossbow and I consider it my favorite weapon in the game, but I am sure that you might have a different opinion than mine. So while you think which is the best weapon in RAGE, I invite you to check out a video showing them all at work, courtesy of BomFunkStudio:

Now let us all know: which do you think is the best weapon in RAGE?


  1. for the slower heavily armored the cross bow with exploding bolts works very well and became my favorite just so i could hear the Oh S**t! just before the bad guy exploded. the shot gun with exploding rounds was the best for the faster moving targets in my play through.


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