Unfortunately, I am not here with some good news about the PC version of RAGE, the highly anticipated first person shooter from id Software: apparently, most of the PC users are complaining that the game is incredibly glitchy with textures not loading, the screen is “teared” apart and it’s flickering… all these making an otherwise amazing game unplayable.

I am not sure how come did RAGE hit the market with so many glitches and bugs and I am still wondering if there is a way to fix these problems.

There is a Rage Performance Driver released by AMD to fix these problems (you can download the driver here) but most of the people who got them say that the problems were not fixed.

However, these Graphics Glitches don’t seem to affect only AMD cards, nVidia users are reporting them as well – and we’re talking here about people with top notch rigs with up to 12 GB of RAM…

Probably it’s just a matter of time before id Software releases a patch for RAGE to fix these glitches, but until then, it’s pretty hard to play. Below are two videos with RAGE problems – from users who only have minor ones, though:

RAGE Textures loading problems

RAGE Graphics Glitches:

What about you? Are you having any trouble with RAGE and glitches or it’s running just fine for you?


  1. I am having the exact same issue. Both of these things i noticed right away and was VERY disappointed. It happens on all graphics settings not just the higher ones. I hope they can just fix it in a patch. SOON VERY SOON

  2. Yeah, having the same texture pop in and random colored streaks on my copy. Sucks, there’s a good game here buried under all this crap, just blows we’ve gotta dig and/or wait to find it.

  3. Yes, exact same problems as the second video. I was extremely dissapointed to see this after such a long development cycle. Guess I’ll have to wait and see

  4. Yup, I have a Nvidia GTX 460 with 2GB. I can run Crysis 2 but id Software’s new idTech5 engine is not rendering. If I put on AA even just 2x, the game turns into 4 bit colors and polygons. Every time I change locations going from a mine into the wasteland or vice versa, the world doesn’t render and all I see are the foliage and items.

    I’m not happy. Id Software you guys used to be the PC Gaming standard, now that you’ve made this game cross-platform you’ve gone so far and now alienated what used to be your core.

  5. Game is unplayable as it is right now, its really hard to believe someone gave this the stamp of approval for mass distribution. Did they not test the game on PC at all? Once more, the world of consoles has taken another victim. Going to have to wait and see what happens and how long it takes.

  6. I am having SOME of the issues, most notably the texture pop-ins. I am NOT having laggy framerates or screen tearing, though.

    I’m sure id will release patches pretty quick here.

  7. It’s playable for me, but the texture pop is insane. Audio is also glitched. It looks and sounds like a ps1 game.

    I have a custom Asus G73 w/ 12GB DDR3, i7 quad core, nvidea 480m

  8. ok so i have been trying to get this game to work for me all day and i now know how …well for my graphics card
    (ATI Radeon HD 5670)and that is to…

    1.Click on the “Start” button
    2.Open the “Control Panel”
    3.Select “Programs and Features”
    4.Select “ATI/or AMD Catalyst Install Manager”
    5.Click on “Change”
    6.Select “Express Uninstall All ATI/or AMD Software”
    then download and install this…
    AMD Catalyst Rage Performance Driver for Windows® 7 you can get it here http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/GPU121AMDCatRagePerfDriver.aspx
    after you install that go here and download & install the top download

    run rage with no rage :) …i hope this will help you all out if you need more help just ask and i will try.

  9. im an amd user, have hd5970 graphics card, as said above even people with high end rigs seeing problems. i did notice that no1 reported the sheriff bugg in wellsprings. this is on the main story line quest and you cant progress without it… so what happened.

    walked into quest room, and the sheriff NPC is standing behind the jail cells without absolutly no way whatsoever to interact with him…

    i then checked walkthrough guide and he is meant to be standing behind his desk in another room. so even though these graphic glitches were minor and i made it that far… looks like i cant play anymore since this npc is bugged out

  10. man i have 5970 with i7 processor and 12 gb ram what else do i need if they make the game that glitchy on such rig then they shouldnt have made it at all or wait till they fix it be late but do it right all that rush b4 Christmas time wont do u any good when u do it wrong

  11. i am having a different issue with a nvidia 560ti , i got this glitchy thin bar bouncing up and down the screen, i think it started when in enabled video card transcoding by accident, it ruins the experience, i cry!


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