I have already told you about the Rage Graphics Glitches, but unfortunately those are not all the problems that Bethesda’s RAGE has: users are also finding it hard to get over the RAGE crashes to the desktop and I am here to try help you find a workaround and fix these crashes in order for you to enjoy an otherwise great game. So, let’s start!

How to fix RAGE Crashes and Problems

1. I found that on my own skin: lowering the visual settings works! It doesn’t seem to matter just how powerful your computer is, the less the game requires resource-wise, the less likely it is for it to crash at random points during gameplay. Therefore try and “play” with the settings and lower them as much as possible then start upping them little by little. It’s a bit of trial and error and it might get frustrating, but it’s better than having RAGE crashing, right?

2. If you’re having an AMD graphics card, your game might crash because of it – try to download the AMD Catalyst – Rage Performance Driver here and keep your fingers crossed!

3. Some users have reported that they have solved their game crashes by removing the video folders. So head over to your RAGE install directory -> base -> video and delete the video folder entirely. Make sure that you create a back-up before doing that, though in case that was not the problem!

Did you happen to find any other fixes for the RAGE game crashes? Please post them in the comment section below!


  1. Ok – so after a while I had a ton of continous crashes so had a bit of a play around with settings

    I have now set it to run in a window ( in video settings ingame) and it runs like an absolute dream

    Give it a try

  2. i have amd hd6970 and i use the AMD Catalyst – Rage Performance Driver….and the game RAGE runs perfect…60fps fix….thanks man…

  3. I was having game crash so i delete video folder then game not crash but graph in game was mixed and everything was green. So i changed in rage shortcut compadibility to win 2000 and that kill graph problem. Now i need sometimes just restart game and everythings work perfectly.
    Maybe my post will help someone.

    I hav win xp sp3 (32) and nvidia video card.

  4. I get a CTD when launching the game, W7, lates AMD 11.10 preview2 patch, still no joy… tried all of the above fixes and still CTD…

  5. For me im using ati 4890 I have choosen a horrible motherboard ASUS Rampage Extreme that only accepts crossfire. Meaning I could only use one GTX if I choose Nvidia. BTW Nvidia is the best any 400 above cards are capable of video render by itself or so I heard. Thus no more graphic or crash issue as ATI users find.
    Basically what I did was use no official patch 1. Update ATI Performance driver tailored for Rage and the preview 2 driver. have to turn on CCC cat ai or graphical issue (this is your ctd problem), leave aa function to program control, delete bin files for intro, Triple buff did nothing for me. Be warned this still crashes for me at every load I do mean every load you have to start the darn game again. If if you got more I am all ears but that’s all I got until official patch 2 coming time ungiven. I made my mind about id company. Just as I did with Apple product shame on them only out there to make more money over quality and usage.

  6. I resolved most of the issues, for some reason the 11.10 preview2 drivers corrupted the installation on two different computers, so I’m sure there is something there to blame, my main PC with a HD 5770 and my son PC with a HD 4850. I can run the game in all my PC’s now but the frame rate is terrible! Even in low settings. Using Drive sweeper and reinstalling the drivers solved the CTD, the game ran with release drivers 11.8 but the frame rate was an issue, a bit better frame rate from 11.9 but still not even close to be playable. The 11.10 preview2 drivers are the best but I’m getting lots of artifacts, missing textures, etc… Same result with either card, HD 4850 and HD 5770.

  7. hi
    whenevr i enter shrouded bunker my game restarts and the starting screen appears and i have to again continue the campaign. if i try to enter shrouded bunker again same thing happens.
    help me out frnds…

  8. i can’t start game…i have duel core 2x 2,6 ghz
    nvidia 9600gt 1gb
    4gb ram
    i install game and crack but can’t start game…why?????

    pls answer

  9. yeah hi, im having this problem, its a mission bug on destroy the cache the remote control car mission? everytime i enter the door it kicks me out on the main menu screen, anyone have fix on this?


  10. I have a soulution for you – i had the same problem, everytime i tried to change location, game crashed back to main menu – In same time i had one problem with PC, so I used registry backup. It has been made before instalation of rage. And now I have no problem!

    So backup registry, search and delete rage and i hope it helps.


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