I have already told you about the Rage Graphics Glitches, but unfortunately those are not all the problems that Bethesda’s RAGE has: users are also finding it hard to get over the RAGE crashes to the desktop and I am here to try help you find a workaround and fix these crashes in order for you to enjoy an otherwise great game. So, let’s start!

How to fix RAGE Crashes and Problems

1. I found that on my own skin: lowering the visual settings works! It doesn’t seem to matter just how powerful your computer is, the less the game requires resource-wise, the less likely it is for it to crash at random points during gameplay. Therefore try and “play” with the settings and lower them as much as possible then start upping them little by little. It’s a bit of trial and error and it might get frustrating, but it’s better than having RAGE crashing, right?

2. If you’re having an AMD graphics card, your game might crash because of it – try to download the AMD Catalyst – Rage Performance Driver here and keep your fingers crossed!

3. Some users have reported that they have solved their game crashes by removing the video folders. So head over to your RAGE install directory -> base -> video and delete the video folder entirely. Make sure that you create a back-up before doing that, though in case that was not the problem!

Did you happen to find any other fixes for the RAGE game crashes? Please post them in the comment section below!