Blood Knights is the new action-RPG title from Kalypso and there’s a frustrating bug that may appear after closure or while trying to minimize the game. Player’s screen will get all black, however the game’s main theme song will keep playing, meaning that the computer is still working and the game is actually stuck. This is a graphical bug and it can be fixed if you complete the following steps:

1. Find Blood Knights.exe file

2. Access Blood Knights.exe proprieties (right click on the starting icon)

3. Select the Compatibility section

4. Check the box: “Run this program in compatibility mode with Windows XP SP 3”

5. Check another box: “Run this program as administrator”

6. Click Apply, then Ok

Restart your computer if you have started the game before during your current session and this black screen bug should be solved. Updating your graphics drivers to the latest version will also help solving graphical issues.