One of my highest anticipated games of the year (of EACH year, to be precise!) is NBA 2K12, and this year’s version is better than ever! However, it’s not a perfect game and even though the game has just been launched, reports about NBA 2K12 crashes, freezes and black screeb problems (to mention a few) have started to appear and I am here to try and help you solve these problems! So if you’re wondering how to fix NBA 2K12 Problems, check out the solutions below. If nothing seems to work, try to post a comment below and hopefully somebody will be able to help you out.

How to fix generic NBA 2K12 Crashes, Freezes and Black Screen

1. First of all, you should make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements (and try to lower the visuals as much as possible). Also, make sure that you have installed your latest driver for your graphics card and you have your antivirus stopped. The antivirus could also interfere with the game’s installation!

2. Another reason for crashes of the game is the lack of virtual memory (as it happened with NBA 2K11). In order to increase your virtual memory available for NBA 2K12 and hopefully stop the crashes and freezes, here is what you should do (for Windows 7 or Vista users): go to Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System > Advanced System Settings > Performance > Advanced tab > Virtual memory and check the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” option. And that’s it!

How to fix NBA 2K12 Install Problems

In order to install the game, you must be connected to the internet. Sometimes, a poorly configured antivirus software might interfere with the game, so make sure that you have your antivirus software turned off before trying to install NBA 2K12 again.

This is it right now, hopefully these fixes will help you enjoy NBA 2K12 to the maximum!

Don’t forget that if you have a possible solution for any problems related to the NBA 2K12 crashes, black screen or performance, post them in the comment section below to help everybody!


  1. Tried all those steps and still freezes, when playing My Player mode. During match intervals, an ad comes up for a major fixture and goes to a black screen and freezes. And I’ve tried the “Turn OFF Auto-Save” solution. Does not work. Lowered all graphics, etc. My pc defnitly meets the recommended requirements. Please HELP!!! Muchly appreciated.

  2. hi.i have a problem with nba 2k12.when i am playing the association, the nba today presentation before 4th quarter, it will become black and never play the quarter. What will i do?.i copy only the game but i never install me..plz..tnx

  3. Hi, my game freezes in myplayer mode everytime after the comercial in which the starplayer of the teams are presented and everytime i want to start the 4th quarter. i have tried everything. My pc definitely meets the minimum system requirements. Can anyone help me ?

  4. lol, the best solution to our problem is to wait the patch for nba2k12 PC game, i am over the requirements of the game but still the errors occurs.. meaning the game itself has the error even though you reach or not the requirements..

  5. My problem with My Player mode is the finals
    every time I win the championship it crashes
    whats wrong?

    (My PC meets the minimum requirements)

  6. tassouli an eisai ellinas pou mallon eisai to ekana kai gw kai douleuei.prosekse,prepei na kleiseis to auto save sto my player mode,oxi sto kentriko menu tou paixnidiou!episis an ksereis kati gia kainourgio patch enimerwse me an mporeis!

  7. dynasty, myplayer, season, playoffs, the association.. everytime i play one of them, i cant continue playing.. 1st quarter commercial (gameday) it always goes back to desktop?? can anyone help me???

  8. @tassoulis Or maybe your computer has a problem like you don’t have enough space to operate… example i have 1 gb and i have 90% used and 10% free space.. well that’s the problem you need more than 10% to save or to load… or if you have internet connection unplug it and load your game or save…

    (Well if it is doesn’t work try to contact 2ksports in there forum)


  9. i have a problem with it freezing in the ” loading settings ” and ” loading roster ” part sometimes the music plays and then it just freeses after the screen freeses, anybody has the solution for this?

  10. i have the same problem that @Nikki Elaine had!!
    “the cabinet file required for this installation is corrupt and cannor be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package”



  12. as for me my 2k12 is running ok when in the game but if i wanna view my endorsement it crashes to desktop. can somebody help me please. thank you and god bless

  13. My problem with the game (PC, right?), is with the Team Creation; when you create players and add to your team, it just dupplicate (Several times) the players). I know the XBox version had the same problem, but they had a patch for that. What about the PC version? I sent an email to the support at NBA2K12 and no reponse until now… Any clue?

  14. I have a basic problem that was fixed at XBox. I just do not know if there are fixes for the PC version and where to get it. I tried 2Ksports web site, but did not find it. The problem I have is simple. Creating players and adding them to a created team, several players are duplicated on my created team. Sometimes, the same player is copied 2,3 or more times.
    Does anybody know where to get these patches?

  15. Well, Jackson, if this tip to turn off auto-save, it did not work… Turned off, quit the game, entered again, checked if auto-save was off, edited the team and the problem remains…

  16. @robert try to install it from another computer and get a flashdrive and clone it, and put it to your pc…. if don’t get want i mean,, reply to me !!

  17. River I feel ya pain but eventually, if you keep playing the final game, it somehow gets past the b.s that made it start up in the first place. Trust me, same thing was happening to me

  18. i am in the nba finals in my player mode on the xbox 360 with no xbox live hook ups or anything but after i beat the suns in game 5 to win the nba finals and i go to quit to continue my career it freezes on the loading screen what do i do?! its really irritating and it makes me never want to buy another nba game again! any help or advise would be appreciated.

  19. RIVER, me too.. always crashes before press conference in final. i turned autosave off, and still same… how to fix it … please someone tell me… i wish someone know how to fix that….

  20. all, i’m succes… i play in PC
    just Turn off autosave . but not in main setting, but at my player.
    Load my player data -> option -> setting -> game mode setting -> autosave turn off..
    good luck all…

  21. I completed the requirements and still have problems with the game… My problem is that when I go to my player mode it ended up crashing and returned to my desktop of my laptop….. I tried the anti-virus step, re-install again…the same problem came again…its so frustrating… I really need help on this annoying problem… Jus to let everyone know… the game worked for about 3-4 weeks i bought it. Then I bought GTA 4 installed it… NBA 2K started its problem…i need help..

  22. I was playing My Player in NBA 2K12 and I logged in and It said an error occurred and I lost all my memory in my player!!!!! I was an all-star and nba champion my rookie year!!! it’s all gone. Please help

  23. in my player it dosent work i have a black xbox 360 and nba 2k12 dosent work… in my player it says clean disc but its not a scratch on the disc and ii have cleaned the lens with a q tip plzzzz help

  24. How do you fix freezes and crashes on NBA 2k12 for ps3 ? Like the game freezes when ever it wants to and Idk what to do . Any advice is appreciated thank you

    • I’m past the championship and then I select play next game to go to offseason but it says simulating offseason and then it freezes I’m bout to throw my chic through the wall PLEASE HELP

  25. When playing a season as my player the game always freezes after the last game of the playoff final and won’t load another season any ideas welcome,as playing 82 games plus play offs only to crash didn’t put me in a great mood!!! Thanks

  26. A problem came up when i started the NBA2k12 Game there’s no in-game sound it was totally muted what should i do to put the sound of the game back on its track?

    Please help me out and Thank you in advance

  27. my problem is i can’t continue to the playoffs from seasons.. i already play 81 games but on my carrer i already complete 82 games but my standing is 66 – 15.. after press con it crash. what should i do??/

  28. @Nikki Elaine myplayer, season, playoffs, the association.. everytime i play one of them, i cant continue playing.. 1st quarter commercial (gameday) it always goes back to desktop?? what is the problem ? Can you help me ?

  29. My nba2k 12 game is freeking at the end of every game in my player when at the end where u select quit I press it and it does nothing and it locks the whole system up? How do I fix this?


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