So, you love CityVille, but would love to have another similar game to play for when you have nothing to do in CityVille? That’s really nice, because I have created a list of the 10 best Facebook games like CityVille – they are free, they are part of the city building genre and each brings in something new into play. So read on to find out which are the 7 Facebook Games Like CityVille (in no particular order)

City of Wonder

A very complex game, with a lot of different building types and a lot of things to consider when building your city in an ancient world – and also a very popular title, so you will never have problems finding new neighbors. Highly recommended – see for yourself why by reading my City of Wonder review or simply click here to play this game on Facebook!

My Empire

Another “ancient times” city building game, My Empire is set in a Roman setting and it is very similar to the hit PC series Caesar: research is also part of the game for better buildings, and you’ll certainly love to create your very own empire here. So check out the My Empire review or simply click here to give it a try on Facebook!

Millionaire City

The most popular city building game until CityVille was launched by Zynga, Millionaire City is a very simple game that only requires a few minutes of daily gameplay (although if you really want to, you can spend hours playing it!). A nice concept and a really well done game that has entertained (and still does!) many Facebook gamers: check out my Millionaire City review for extra information or head over to Facebook and give it a try!

Social City

Again a pretty nice title – and probably the one that looks like CityVille the most due to its graphics. Social City is a really nice CityVille alternative and it is based on the same concepts, even though here you need to wait quite some while for your buildings to be finished. Find out more about Social City in my review and head over to Facebook to give it a try!

Train City

A recently launched title, Train City mixes city building with train management and railroad building to deliver a pretty neat experience – and quite an unique feel! Half of the gameplay though is based on building railroads and running trains, so it might be a bit too complex for some preferences. Either way, you can find out more about the game in my Train City review or give it a try and see for yourself.

My Town

With a cartoonish feel and a very simple gameplay, My Town is very similar to Social City first and CityVille second. It is a solid city building game with nice features, even though it’s complexity and depth are not at very high levels. Still, you can have tons of fun playing the game offline: check out the My Town review here and follow this link to play the game on Facebook!

Big Business

One very nice city building game that has also been launched just recently, Big Business focuses more on the micro management part of the city building genre, so if you’re a sucker for details, this game will make you feel really good. It also has some really nice graphics and a nice learning curve so you won’t ever feel overwhelmed by its complexity. Check out the game on Facebook here.

These are 7 of the best Facebook games like CityVille out there and I’m sure you’ll find at least a new favorite!