The Obsidian-developed action RPG Dungeon Siege 3 is highly anticipated by many and fortunately, we can now let you know when exactly should you expect to see the game go live: the release date for Dungeon Siege 3 has been announced, and it is May 27, 2011 in Europe and May 31, 2011 in the US!

In Dungeon Siege 3, players assume the role of one of four legionnaires in the crumbling kingdom of Ehb, fighting for the sake of their fallen comrades. Conflict is constant and decisions have lasting consequences, allowing players to dictate the outcome of the tale. Do battle as a lone hero or fight alongside up to three friends and, thanks to robust AI, Dungeon Siege 3’s co-op multiplayer mode allows players to seamlessly drop in and out of battle without interrupting the action or impacting the campaign.

Do you plan to purchase Dungeon Siege 3?