Cafe World is also ready for celebrating the Valentines Day in the virtual cafes, preparing an impressive series of eight new goals for us to complete in order to turn Espresso Joe and Lisa Latte into a couple! Below you will find all the details that you need to know about the Valentines Day goals in Cafe World, so keep reading!

Cafe World Valentines Day Goal I

– place the love thermometer
– spice 5 friends’ stoves
– cook 5 pita and dolmas

Tips: Pita and dolmas take 4 hours to be ready and in order to keep the love thermometer raising, you will have to complete the goals!

Cafe World Valentines Day Goal II

– get 2 roses
– cook 10 french onion soup
– purchase 1 flower machine

Tips: French Onion Soup is also ready in 4 hours and that should give you enough time to get the 2 roses from your friends by sending them requests!

Cafe World Valentines Day Goal III

– visit 5 neighbors
– get 2 bag of oysters
– get 3 glasses

Tips: Again, you must ask your neighbors for the special ingredients and I am sure that they’ll send them to you really fast if you help them as well!

Cafe World Valentines Day Goal IV

– get 5 roses
– serve 10 oyster shooters
– spice 7 neighbors’ stoves

Cafe World Valentines Day Goal V

– get 11 roses
– purchase 3 cupid trumpeter statues
– spice 7 neighbors’ stoves

Tips: You will find the cupid trumpeter statues in the Cafe World Market

Cafe World Valentines Day Goal VI

– earn 20,000 coins
– get 3 table spoons of butter
– get 5 turbot fillets

Tips: It’s again up for your friends to help you get the required ingredients…

Cafe World Valentine’s Day VII

– earn 50,000 coins
– get 5 quarts of heavy cream
– get 10 large eggs

Cafe World Valentine’s Day VIII

– get 20 roses
– serve 20 creme brulee
– serve 2 sauteed turbot

How fast do you think you can complete the Cafe World Valentines Day series of goals?