mytown01Tired of harvesting crops and taking care of your animals? You can go urban again with My Town, a sweet new social game from Broken Bulb Studios. The game can get really addictive so if you’re already obsessed with FarmVille, you’d better stay away from My Town, since your life will be resumed to trips from the country to that huge office of yours in My Town. Or… why not just give it a try?

“Build your very own sim town! Play with your friends and visit their towns. Give your town your own special charm. With top notch graphics and fantastic user experience, it’s one of the absolute must play games!” – this is the game’s official description and indeed that’s true!

Your goal in My Town is to build a prosperous city – whatever that means for you. You can build different types of residential areas, small homes and huge apartment buildings, you can build all sorts of product stores – from small limo stands to huge supermarkets and much more. Basically, you are given a land area to play around with and build it as you see fit. And trust me, that will be a real joy!

Even though in Beta and with quite a few goodies with the “coming soon” badge stamped on them at the moment of writing this My Town review (like the achievements and stats), the game is still incredibly well done and annoyingly addictive. Basically, as it happens with FarmVille that you simply have to log in again and change something around or add a new decoration, the same will happen with My Town where you’ll simply HAVE TO create the best city in the game and earn the bragging rights.

mytown02One of the better parts in My Town is the fact that road construction is completely free, so you’ll have no excuse not to create the best looking town out there. But plan carefully! You can also purchase land expansions – since soon the starting area will be too small and I’ve seen quite a few awesome My Town virtual cities in which there was a residential area, a shopping one and one filled with factories and such. In other words – a true eye candy!

So… how do you get money in My Town? That’s pretty simple – most of the buildings generate a specific amount of coins after a specific period of time. You will simply have to be there when the time expires and collect your money, then reset the counter and start it all over again. It takes a lot less time than FarmVille where you have to plow and harvest over and over again, so if you’re dealing, like the rest of us with some serious time problems, this social game would be a lot faster to play.

You can also add friends and visit their cities or send and receive gifts from them – a main element within all the social games. However, visiting other neighbor cities is not completely exciting since all you can do is help them for 5 xp point, with a click of the mouse. Some more interaction would be really welcomed!

Most of the buildings and decorations you can buy in My Town can be purchased for regular game coins, but there are also special items that cost you virtual currency that can be purchased for real money. However, the items are not deal breakers and if you really want to, I’m sure you can keep playing My Town like forever without spending a dime. But you know that, at a given point, you’ll want to get that fancy decoration and make your city even more beautiful!

My Town could be called “the FarmVille of town simulators” on Facebook – it’s incredibly simple to play, it’s absolutely addicting and still beautiful and, if you wish, you can still play it just once per day or once every few days. But it’s definitely worth a try so head over to My Town’s Facebook application page and click the play button. Have fun!