The Facebook’s title Village Life received a mobile version today, announced Playdemic. The company pretends to establish a full cross-platform experience to allow players to access their favorite game anywhere. Village Life has over one million monthly active users and lately, players have been requesting for a mobile version, as Playdemic’s chairman, Ian Livingstone, stated:

Life has enjoyed great success on Facebook. More recently, a growing number of fans have been asking to play the game on their mobile devices as well as on Facebook. So I’m delighted to announce they can now play Village Life on both platforms. We are extremely excited about bringing Village Life to a whole new mobile audience.

In this social-simulation game, players can accompany their villagers from the day they’re born until the last moments of their existence.In the meanwhile, players will have to experience all the common events that occur during a common life, including dates, marriage and childbirth. What makes this title truly social, is the fact that players can get engaged with each other and reproduce little villagers, whose physical attributes and skills will be inherited from their parents.

Village Life is now available for iOS systems.