Bubble Gum Interactive announced today that Cake Bake Blitz is now available worldwide on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The company revealed the game’s main story, in which players assume the role of Katy Cupcake, a young chef with great ambitions:

In Cake Bake Blitz, players take on the role of Katy Cupcake, an ambitious young chef with great dreams who sets forth to travel the globe and compete to become the greatest dessert chef in the world! Along the way, Katy will need to prove her skills against some of the most infamous chefs around including New York City’s Big Tony Tiramisu, Australia’s Dame Pavlova, Hong Kong’s Frankie Fortune and of course the grand master himself, Marcel Meringue in Paris!

Cake Bake Blitz presents a new puzzle hybrid genre for iOS, where players must prove themselves in fearless chef battles. Each stage of the game presents a new difficulty level as well as a fresh challenge. Opponent chefs will try to deceive your recipes, however there’s always a way to surpass  these tricks, especially through the helpful tricks system like time rewind.

Every weeks, players will be able to receive special prizes by standing out in the competition charts.