killer-toon-overviewSocial games developers Toy Studio have released a new Facebook game for all of us to enjoy and “practice” while we should be working: Killer Toon, a game that supposedly allows you to kick some virtual arse and let off some real life steam. Sounds quite good, right?

The game itself is only briefly described by Toy Studio: “Create a toon and fight your friends on Facebook!“ but you really don’t need too many details to know what this game’s about, especially if you’ve played the hit of the internet a while back, My Brute.

Basically, the concept is the same in Killer Toon: you create your own avatar and customize it a little bit (there are very few customization options available so eventually they’ll all look the same) and start fighting against other people. Unlike MyBrute which was rather random regarding your skills and weapons, Killer Toon is a bit more organized and logical: you gain experience for fighting and you can purchase your own goodies: better weapons, armor and different sets of clothes. So you shouldn’t be too frustrated if you lose: it’s your fault for not getting the best items, after all!

Killer Toon offers you three free fights per day with a slow recharge rate: once finished, you must wait 30 minutes to be allowed to fight again. That’s unless, of course, you decide to purchase an adrenaline shot which costs real life money (transformed in virtual currency). The nice thing about Toy Studio is that they’ve set up a really low price for their goodies: an adrenaline shot, for example, costs 30 Toy Bucks and you can purchase from their market 1,300 TB for just $10. Really cheap!

killer-toon-fightAmongst the other nice things we have an online leaderboard to check out the best Killer Toons in the world, the option to get an Arch Nemesis based on the number of fights against that person, as well as a lot of funny weapons – my favorite being, for now, a giant and lethal Christmas candy bar. Just the idea of beating the crap out of somebody using a candy bar makes me laugh an evil laughter.

Back to the game, I must admit it’s not all that perfect. Killer Toon still looks and feels like an unpolished product, especially the fighting part (which is the most important). The toons, while fighting, look like rubber dolls put up together by little kids and their movement is rather strange. Also, the fights are a bit too quick for my taste and the fighting techniques of all the toons are similar and limited.

So if Toy Studio could work a little bit more on improving the physics of the avatars and maybe add in some more items and moves, then I’m sure that Killer Toon could become a real hit. Until then, unfortunately, it’s just mediocre. Still fun, but mediocre!

Check the game out for yourself here. Have fun!