The internet – in our case, Facebook – is the only place where you can become anything you wish to be but you can’t in real life. For those who always dreamed at creating their own city, Social City is the perfect and best answer to make that wish come true. Read on to find out more about what might be Facebook’s best city building game.

One of the best things about Social City is that it’s not all about mindless “click to harvest” gameplay and “log in at least once per day to succeed” mechanics. No, this game created by Playdom manages to create a balance the user must achieve in order to have a happy little city and in order to progress.

What does that mean? It means that the in-game money are not everything you need in order to get bigger and better! In order to have a bigger city you indeed need some money to build the structures, but you also need the population – which is not automatically located in your city as you first have to lure people in. And, just like in real life, with a junk town where there are no attractions and the overall life quality is low, you can’t attract new people in. Therefore, you’ll need to build leisure buildings – anything from basketball courts to hotels or art galleris – all of them increasing your population cap.

But an increased population cap in Social City doesn’t automatically mean more population! In order to actually get the people in your city, you’ll have to build them homes first, then wait for an indicated amount of time (ranging from minutes to hours) and finally click on each house to add the new residents to your city. It’s a pretty smart mechanic that will certainly become a must for all major city building social games!

And finally, once you’ve got the people living in your happy, social city, you’ll have to start building factories in order to get some extra money and be able to buy even more stuff for your city. And even though this chain might sound difficult or discouraging at first, let me tell you that the actual gameplay is a breeze, it’s easy and extremely fun!

And that’s because Playdom payed a lot of attention to the visual aspect in Social City. Not only that every little thing on the map is created with tons of details, but there are also tons of animations out there to make you feel you’re actually looking at a living, breathing city YOU have built. And that’s an amazing feeling!

You can also expand the borders of your Social City once you have enough money and neighbors and keep building and customizing it – even though eventually, for some, it might become quite repetitive and possible boring. After all, there are not many gameplay variations to keep us busy. But I’m sure that Playdom will manage to compensate for that just like all the other social game developers do: by introducing new items regularly and always keeping the content fresh and fun.

As a conclusion I can say that Social City seems to be the best city building game I have played on Facebook until now and I must recommend it to young and old, no matter if they are fans of the social city building genre or not. Just give this little gem a try – I’m sure you won’t regret it.