Hello, wanderer! Are you ready for the adventure of your life? Have you already polished your armor, sharpened your blade and learned your latest spell from the scroll? If so, then you are definitely ready for the mystical lands of… uhm… Mystic Lands, the latest social RPG released on Facebook – and one we’ll definitely hear about in the future!

Created by Rae of Light Entertainment, Mystic Lands puts you in the heavy iron shoes of a noble warrior (my choice), an agile Scout or a Mage and sends you across the fantasy universe to finish quest, battle others in the arena or even create your own village! And even if that doesn’t sound amazingly interesting right now, after you spend a little time with the game and see all its depth and greatness, you’ll be surprised.

Because, at a first look, Mystic Lands seems like a Vampire Wars set in a fantasy world and injected with a bit of humor and shiny swords. But the first major difference will be noted once you’ll start the tutorial: the quests are more than that repetitive “click-and-click-and-click to raise your mastery” stuff you see in every social RPG out there. The quest system actually requires you to spend a few seconds and read a nice story, then decide what to do in a multiple choice system: when the wolves attack, will you try to heal the injured warriors or try to fight them off by yourself? When you hear a rumor about a missing treasure, will you try to find out more, follow it directly or ignore it completely? The choice is all yours and you’ll definitely be delighted to try and see how will a different choice change the flow of events.

Unfortunately, since it’s a social game where you’ll have to start to do the same things again at some point, Mystic Lands doesn’t really manage to bring in a revolution with this unique approach, but it’s certainly a welcomed change. And once you have tried all the multiple choices (or you simply got bored with the story) you can opt for the “quick quest” which simply grants you the experience and rewards, no questions asked.

And that’s not everything that makes Mystic Lands different from other fantasy and social RPGs on Facebook and over the Internet: the game is quite complex and offers you tons of choices to make, for example when creating and growing your character: there are 11 attributes you can improve (physical and mental attributes), as well as skills you can learn and improve to eventually create a character exactly as you see fit: a strong, dumb warrior, a swift and accurate one, a powerful mage and so on: again, the choice is yours and you’ll have total control over your character.

And if you were successful in creating your character or not – that will be seen in the Arena where you’ll have to fight other characters in a Duel, a Honor Battle (against players of the same level) or a regular fight. Add to that the fact that, besides the player’s level, there’s a combat level involved and the clan size seems to matter too and you’ll have lots of things to care and worry about before attacking other players. And, of course, even more reasons to try and become a better player yourself!

Finally, your character can become the ruler of its own village and generate gold plus a resource of your choice: grains, ore or wood. Since there’s just one resource your village can generate, trading will also become an important element once you grow bigger and need to expand even more. Add to that the fact that certain upgrades of your village buildings can unlock hidden features of the game, and you have enough reasons to at least give Mystic Lands a try. I personally promise you won’t regret it!

There are just two drawbacks I can think of when playing Mystic Lands: the first one is the fact that the game is in an early Beta stage and there are still a bunch of features to come and balancing issues to be solved (but Rae of Light promise everything will be ironed out as soon as possible); and the second one is the overall speed of the game which tends to run rather slow every now and then. But fortunately both of these two drawbacks are easy to be fixed – and I am sure they will – so you’ll fully experience this great game.

So head over to Facebook and give Mystic Lands a try, especially if you’re not afraid of a game that’s a bit more complex. Don’t forget to invite your friends and create a solid guild already – you’ll all have the fun of your life!