mma-fighter01Generally, social games are all about sharing the love, helping your neighbors and enjoying the peace and relaxation brought to you by these games. But every now and then, you feel like virtually hitting somebody, smashing a few bones and becoming a champion – all by yourself. That’s when MMA Pro Fighter, a game by Digital Chocolate comes into play.

You start the game by creating your fighter (you can only choose male characters at the moment I’m writing this review) and the first thing you’ll notice is how well done the visuals of MMA Pro Fighter are. Except for the looks of your avatar, you’ll have to choose two main fighting styles – Kick-Boxing, Muay Thai or Boxing for striking and Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Wrestling for grappling. Then, it’s off to the gym with you!

mma-fighter02I was surprised with the number of options MMA Pro Fighter offers, from tons of accessories for your fighter to different types of training, challenges, fighting options and so on. For example, you can either become a master of the fighting styles you’ve chosen at the beginning, or you can mix and match all the existing styles in the game – it’s all up to you in the end, but have in mind that a master, when it comes to fighting, is certainly better than one who knows a little bit of everything…

After a few training rounds to gain some extra attribute points, you’re ready for your real MMA fight. You’ll get the option to choose your opponent from a list of active players and you’ll have a bunch of statistics about them before starting the fight: things like favorite fighting styles, most used techniques and the rewards you’ll get if you win the fight.

mma-fighter03The fight itself is not spectacular for one used with high profile computer games, but for a social game it’s complex enough: you’ll have a commentary letting you know what’s happening in the ring and also some small animations to keep things more exciting. And the greatest thing is that there doesn’t appear to be any bit of randomness in the fights: the winner is the best trained fighter! Which is always great, having in mind that there are games in which you can get completely owned by a newbie just because of the randomness factor…

There are just three attributes your fighter can have in MMA Pro Fighter: Cardio (stamina during fights), Health and Stamina (used for training). I would’ve liked the game to offer a bit more attributes to improve and allow you to further customize your avatar, but these are good enough for the beginning, the game being still in beta.

All in all, even though MMA Pro Fighter doesn’t care too much about the social element of the game, it still remains a really high quality product and a really pleasant surprise and a must play for those who like this type of game. Having in mind that Digital Chocolate’s title is still in beta and there are more goodies to come, you might wish to give the game a try. Have fun!

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