mma-profI’ve recently wrote a review of MMA Pro Fighter and now I decided to share a few tips and tricks with you in order to make your life as a professional fighter a lot easier, as well as a generic strategy guide to help you play MMA Pro Fighter.

Which fighting styles should I choose?
Any of them! There are no direct benefits in the game for choosing a style or another. Even more, you can learn and master any style you wish to, so don’t worry too much about the fighting styles!

How to level up faster in MMA Pro Fighter?
You can quickly increase your level by training all day long and by winning fights. Training is the safest way to level up but have in mind that you won’t earn any money this way and therefore you won’t be able to learn techniques, which might hurt your fighter in the future!

Next, once in the game, here are some general tips, tricks and strategy that should work for you:

1. Train as often as you can and at least once per day. This way you’ll be getting some steady experience and keep your fighter in a “mighty” form, making it fight at his full potential.
2. However, try to fight as much as possible as well – at least three fights per level since this is your main money source and money are really valuable.
3. How to choose your opponent in MMA Pro Fighter: it would be best to go for a fighter that has the same fighting skills as you since you might have enough defense techniques to win. Because, yes, defense is really important in this game!
4. So it would be wise to master the first few basic defense skills at first and only then start improving your offensive techniques.
5. Visit the Challenges tab often! The rewards are cash and experience – a lot of both – and you need all the money you can get.
6. Only spend your money in learning new techniques until you reach level 15. Only afterwards you can think about getting other items for your fighter, even though it would be best to master all the techniques to make sure you become invincible!
7. Add at least a couple of active friends to receive the daily gifts from them!
8. Be patient. Facebook games are to be played for a long time, so don’t expect to work wonders and become the global #1 in a few hours! And, of course, HAVE FUN!

What other MMA Pro fighter tips and tricks do you have to share with our readers?