white-peacockZynga has released a new type of mystery box in FarmVille, the Mystery Wings, a new crate that contains mysterious items for our farms. And I’m sure that from its name only you know that there are some winged creatures inside. But if you want to know exactly which, read on!

So… what items can you get from the FarmVille Mystery Wings?

Ostrich and 400 XP
White Peacock and 400 XP
Butterflies and 150 XP
Macaw and 500 XP
Mourning Doves and 200 XP

Some really, really cool items – awesome I would dare to say and I’m sure you’d all love to have them all on your farm. Have in mind, though, that only the Ostrich and White Peacock are harvestable animals, the other three Mystery Wings being decorative items.

Like all the mystery boxes in FarmVille, the Mystery Wings costs 16 FV cash and it’s only available for a limited time. Will you get one?