Xbox Chief Don Mattrick, probably currently known for boasting about a variety of XBox One DRM policies gamers didn’t want, reversing those policies, and suggesting the XBox 360 for gamers without Internet access, is now reportedly leaving Microsoft to head up social gaming company Zynga. Which begs the question: Zynga still exists?

I haven’t seen a single Mafia Wars or Farmville request in ages.

This change in companies leads many to suspect that Don was forced out of Microsoft after his mishandling of XBox One announcements. And it does make people wonder what has happened to Zynga CEO Mark Pincus.

Whatever the situation is, Xbox One has been doing a lot of damage control after its dismal E3 performance that Don Mattrick did contribute to with his announcements. Perhaps this move is one of necessity to keep the XBox One in the spotlight while scrambling to rebrand itself in time for the actual console’s launch.

Does this feel like the right direction or too little, too late?