best-of-mystery-boxA “Best of” type of Mystery Box has just been released by Zynga in FarmVille under the name of “Best of Mystery Chest“. If you’re wondering what’s inside this special item, read on to find out!

As the name suggests, the Best of Mystery Chest holds some of the most liked items that were previously released in mystery boxes. So, just like Zynga themselves say, you know each of these new mystery boxes is a winner! Here’s what you can find inside your Best of Mystery Chest item:

– Alpaca (animal)
– Porcupine (animal)
– Koi Pond
– Outdoor Fireplace
– Swing
– Zen Garden

Just like all the previous mystery boxes, the Best of Mystery Chest is available for 7 days and it costs 16 FV cash. What did you get inside your chest?