treasure-madness01One title that’s becoming really popular nowadays on Facebook is Treasure Madness, a social game created by zSlide and available to be played here. Let’s find out more details about Treasure Madness in this quick review!

I remember that back when the game was launched it was promoted as a FarmVille alternative in a really funny way – and it does manage to compete head to head against Facebook’s most popular game even though the genres are different and you don’t have to be a FarmVille fan to love Treasure Madness (and vice-versa).

The game is all about treasure hunting: you’ll have to explore maps, dig, go underground and swim, battle against ferocious bees and much more, just to get a valuable antique and complete a collection. Then start over again, gathering gold, creating a huge team, eating coconuts and so on. Sounds exciting? It’s as exciting as being a virtual Indiana Jones can get!

treasure-madness02However, in Treasure Madness, there are no Xs to mark the spot of your treasure: you have to keep digging and usually you won’t find anything. But when you do, there’s gold in there – used to purchase better items and unlocking blocked areas on the maps, food – used to give you extra energy and therefore dig more holes, and, of course – treasures. Which are not as easily to be won, since you’ll need to complete a minigame first.

The minigames are rather easy and you must have played them before in a form or another: you’ll play memory games, Tetris-like games, Bejeweld-like games and so on. You shouldn’t have too much trouble beating these games and getting the reward: a treasure, an artefact that’s part of a greater collection.

Completing a collection (which is not the easiest thing in the world) will let you “secure” it and claim an extra special reward – as well as granting you the rights for bragging. After all, you’ve worked quite hard to get your treasure!

treasure-madness03And that’s not all the greatness of Treasure Madness! Unlike your regular Facebook social game in which you can generally send a decorative item as a gift to your friends, Treasure Madness allows you to either sent artifacts (treasures) to your friends or highly useful items, like various types of food. Therefore, your friends really become useful and a must have if you wish to make the treasure gathering process a lot easier!

Another nice thing you’ll have to love about Treasure Madness is that you don’t have to spend too much time playing – due to the nature of the gameplay, you won’t be able to spend more than 10 minutes playing, which is really great: you’ll get your stress relief ASAP but you won’t forget to work, take care of your children or actually live your life! That’s a main bonus for any social game – especially since we all tend to play more than one!

All in all, Treasure Madness is a real gem that keeps getting improvements and promises to have a bright future on Facebook. It is fun, it is fast, it won’t keep you in front of the computer for hours, so it’s a perfect choice for those who wish to play a game but don’t have the time.

Play Treasure Madness and I’m sure you won’t regret it!