“It would probably take us until the year 2018 before Street Fighter V comes out” series produce Ayano said earlier today in an interview with VG247.

Ayona stated that that “game development is a long and arduous process.” He pointed to the history of the series, indicating the “six years [it took] to go from Street Fighter II to Street Fighter III, and nine years to go from Street Fighter III to Street Fighter IV.” He feels that this update history is one that will end up being echoed by the eventual fifth title.

Ayano noted that that Capcom is still interested in Street Fighter IV, working hard on a new Ultra version of the game which will add tweaked characters from last year’s Street Fighter X Tekken. The Ultra version is also intended to tweak much of the existing roster.

Ayano is also hopeful that the update will continue to bring players into the series, as well as boost the competitive scene of the title. He expressed hope that “everyone will play Ultra Street Fighter IV for a long time.”

[Source: VG247]