Train City is a new Facebook game that gives it a shot at the very popular city building an management genre, while also trying to be unique enough to make things count (to read: Train City is not a Millionaire City or CityVille Clone!). In this article I will share with you my thoughts on Train City and let you decide if you should give the game a try or not!

As the name suggests, Trains are also an important part of the game and they are one of the main sources for income. The game starts at a normal pace, offering you a small city and an even smaller railroad and your goal is to keep building and improving and adding stuff to turn your city into a real megalopolis.

In order to do so, you will need money and the easiest way to get it is from setting up train rides: depending on your level, there are different time slots for the trains and you should go for the bigger ones if you want to avoid losing all the money. Also, you can build commercial buildings like Burger Houses, Cafes and much more in order to get some extra income regularly – this income is lower compared to the one produced by trains, but it does not expire!

Although purchasing new buildings and landscaping your city is fun, the most fun will come from the “playing with trains” part of Train City: you can upgrade the trains that you own, you can obviously expand the rails (and you should always have them in mind when you expand your city and place the other buildings!) and you will always try to find the best way of delivering as many passengers as possible with your train.

There are even more things to consider for the big picture in Train City: population limits are in place (and you need more population to increase your earnings!), space is also limited and you also need to invest a lot of coins in the process of building your railway network. So a lot of strategy is involved, which makes it even better since you will never get bored playing the game!

Also, Train City comes with a bunch of other features to keep you entertained: a vast series of missions to complete, achievements to unlock and collections to complete, plus regularly updated content and a neighbor helping mechanic that makes interaction with neighbors even more pleasant.

There are still a few bugs related to Train City, especially losses of Internet Connection, but we’ve seen that happen to much bigger games, so it’s not really a biggie. Apart from that, Train City is a colorful and challenging social game that you should really try to play, especially if you’re a fan of trains or city building titles.

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