Personally, I have absolutely no skills when it comes to match three games, Bejeweled-like titles and all the arcade puzzles that are out there: I simply lack the patience or skills to make things matter. Therefore, I decided to stay away from this type of games. Until I found Bubble Town: Party Planet – an arcade-style puzzle game that got me hooked since it’s so well done and diverse that it keeps you playing and playing just to see what’s next.

Although not original in concept, Bubble Town: Party Planet does a great job: you start slowly and advance to more difficult stages while your skill increases and you get used to the different rules. But what do you have to do? Your goal is simple: clear all the pieces (cutesy little faces called Borbs) on each stage by carefully aiming and shooting and matching three or more in order to clear them. Fortunately, there is no time limit so you can take your time (but instead you have a limited number of shots and each time you finish them, the borbs get closer to the “the end” zone)

You can get combos, gather bonuses for more complex shots, for clearing larger areas of Borbs and basically for everything you do. And things get even more complicated while you play since different Borbs are introduced (like sleeping ones that you have to shoot first to wake up, bouncing ones and so on), as well as different settings: for example, early in the game in Greetings Town, you have a spinning map that makes things more complicated and the examples cam continue.

Fortunately, adding friends is indicated as in any social game, with Bubble Town: Party Planet offering you the chance to send (and receive) all sorts of power-ups, like spin stopper, power-up pack, sure shot and so on. These are really, really useful especially during the later stages where things get really complicated. Also, friends are a real requirement since these power-ups can’t be purchased from a shop or market or something – just obtained from friends and rarely for free from the game itself.

The even better thing about Bubble Town is the fact that we have no energy and no limits – at least I saw none – which means that we can play and play and have fun for as long as we want. And I assure you that you’ll keep playing because this is a really well done game that will get you hooked instantly!

So head over to Facebook and give Bubble Town: Party Planet a try. Also, share your thoughts on the game in the comment section below!