I’ve just recently seen the movie Buried and I must admit it did manage to mark me for live: Zombie Mosh brings an experience similar to the movie Buried since it allows players to bury living people alive, just to turn them into zombies who must be then beaten up for money. Everything on a hard rock soundtrack in your own Zombie Pit!

And no, I am not kidding! This is actually a game on Facebook – and one parents will probably not like their kids to play – and you can check it out by clicking on the link at the end of the article. Until then, let’s see how managing a club in the land of undead must be done.

First of all, you start Zombie Mosh by creating an avatar for your zombie – you have lots of nice touches, like a chainsaw in your head, sunglasses and “I heart brains” t-shirts. You also have a band of zombies that keep singing and singing and singing and never tire (and they also have a great song, to be honest) and lots of space to customize for visitors.

Visitors can be zombies, which are “free meat” meaning that once they come in you can start beating the living hell out of them for coins and skulls (experience) or humans – living beings that you must prepare a grave for and bury them alive just to turn them into zombies who – you’ve guessed it! – must be beaten up for coins and skulls and other goodies.

And that’s about the entire game, no extra features, no extra nothing: pure, evil fun of beating and burying people for money. Basically a FarmVille of the undead, where instead of lilies you plant Bille Joes and instead of Corn, you plant some Jimbos.

If you want, you can check out Zombie Mosh on Facebook and if you do – make sure you have your speakers on since the music… well… rocks!

Let us know what do you think about this new game!