I am sure that you love the CSI series, just like everybody else on this planet, so the news that Ubisoft decided to bring us a Facebook game based on the TV series will certainly tickle some senses here and there. Fortunately, the game itself is one that’s really well done and quite addictive and we’ll check out its main features in this CSI Crime City mini review.

CSI Crime City begins with small tutorial that teaches us all the basics: mostly, Ubisoft’s game is similar in concept with Treasure Isle, but the setting differs and of course, there are some extra goodies involved. But usually you have a crime scene that is split in different number of squares that you must investigate. Investigation consumes energy (at least 6 points of energy) and while doing so you can find evidence – which is what you’re looking for – or extra goodies like energy, money or collectibles.

Once you find evidence, you should head over to the lab and have it analyzed: you simply need to purchase the required office in your room and after a specific amount of time, the evidence will be analyzed and you can move on. So it’s not a biggie, but a bonus: this way you can wait for your energy to refill!

There are also some mini-games in CSI Crime City when you win extra energy and based on how you perform (it’s a match two game with a time limit), you get more or less energy – an extra goodie that adds some more nerve to the game, unlike what we saw, for example, in Sony’s Catch a Killer.

Except for that, the missions are nice enough to keep you wanting for more, the stories are well written and the cinematics are incredibly well done, so CSI Crime City is certainly a nice choice for all the fans of the series, as well as fans of detective stories as well.

If you want to give CSI Crime City a try, click here and have fun! And don’t forget to let us know what you think about the game!