I told you already about the CastleVille Chinese New Year missions, now it’s time to move forward and check out the new batch of Chinese-themed items that Zynga has just released in CastleVille. These limited edition items can be purchased mostly with Crowns, but we also have a good batch of non-premium items.

Check out some of the Chinese New Year items in the image I have attached (click to enlarge) and then make sure to check out the entire list of items and prices below:

Dragon Body Statue – 30 Reputation Hearts
Dragon Hat – 6 Crowns
Dragon Tail Statue – 750 coins
Dragoness Blouse – 10 Crowns
Dragoness Dress – 10 Crowns
Dragoness Headdress – 8 Crowns
Empress Dress – 12 Crowns
Empress Hat – 8 Crowns
Long Sleeve Empress Dress – 12 Crowns
Silk Komono – 10 Crowns
Silk Pants – 8 Crowns
Dragon Fence – 500 coins
Chicken in a Suit – 20 Crowns
Chinese Pavilion – 50 Crowns
Chinese Rug – 500 coins
Chinese Wishing Well – 16 Crowns
Dragoat – 35 Crowns
Kimono Pig – 24 Crowns
Bamboo – 500 coins
Chinese Lantern – 1,000 coins
Dragon Pole – 1,500 coins
Gong – 10 Crowns
Peonies – 500 coins
Stuffed Panda – 12 Crowns

I really like these new items from the Chinese New Year Series. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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