The folks in CastleVille are preparing for the Chinese New Year celebrations, and this means that we’re going to receive a bunch of new missions – unlike the regular story goals, this time we’re talking about three new quests in CastleVille, which is quite enough having in mind the huge amount of other missions that we have to complete in the game. Read on for all the details about the unreleased Chinese New Year missions!

Dress Like an Emperor Quest
– Change your character’s outfit
– Visit 3 Neighbors
Rewards: 1,000 coins, 20 XP, Chinese Bonsai Tree

Sea Sick Quest
– Harvest 5 Tomatoes
– Harvest 5 Carrots
Rewards: 1,000 XP, 20 coins

Eye Delight Quest
– Buy 5 Far East Decor items
– Get 5 Wood Logs
Rewards: 500 coins, 10 XP, Dragon Head Statue

And these are the CastleVille Chinese New Year quests. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends because they will most likely want to know all these requirements too!