Hidden Chronicles is turning out to be a very popular and incredibly well done game, but unfortunately it’s not perfect and many players are experiencing loading problems, connectivity problems and are simply unable to load the game and play it. In this article I will try to help you find some workarounds this problem and get you in the game to play it. I really hope it works!

Unfortunately, there are not many things you could do. But it is worth trying any and each of them to make sure that you did all that you could and you are not waiting for Zynga to find a fix for the problem. So here is what you could try:

1. Install a new browser and try loading the game on it (so if you are playing on Mozilla Firefox, try Chrome or vice-versa. Hopefully you’re not an Internet Explorer user – if you are, change the browser immediately!)
2. Try to clear your browser’s cache and then try to reload the game. This rarely solves the problem, but as I said it is worth trying.

And these are the only things that you can do on your side to try and stop the Hidden Chronicles loading problems and bugs. Everything else is on Zynga’s hands now and all you can do is hope that they’ll manage to fix the problems for you.

Do you have any trouble with Hidden Chronicles and loading the game? Or, even better, maybe you have a solution of your own to these problems? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


  1. i cleared the cache, i removed google chrome and put it back on, i close all windows………..i try different browsers…opera, mozilla, chrome…any….nothing workes, the game first startes all right, then it suddenly freezes or is very very slow and i hardly can not move things around or ask friends or anything, when i started playin, it was very fast and i had lot`s of fun, now it is no fun nomore……….anyone knows what i could do? i use avast anti virus and nothing else………..thx

  2. At first it started getting slow for me in Firefox. But tried it in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and it worked fine, that is until the Flash update. Now it doesn’t work properly in any explorer :(

  3. none of the hints will help, i tried all this, and still the same. what i notice was the more neighbors you have the more difficult it its to play this game, it s a patience game .

  4. Haven’t been able to play in months….game opens and across the top all 999999999 and then a green screen and ….Nothing…..I’ve played the game for over 2 years and never had any problem. Getting no response from zynga and FB isn’t helping . I tried all of the above and still nothing..sooooo…..I guess I’m no longer playing Hidden Chronicles :-(((


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