Complete Guide to the FarmVille Cupid’s Garden and Prizes

Complete Guide to the FarmVille Cupid’s Garden and Prizes

Finally, Zynga started to roll out Cupid’s Garden in FarmVille following the release of the Romantic Carriage last week (and hopefully you took advantage of the time you had). I am here to share with you all the details about the FarmVille Cupid Garden, so read on this guide to learn everything about it.

First of all, you will have to build the Cupid’s Garden in FarmVille and fortunately I can help you speed that process up by sharing with you the request links for the required items (it’s just three of them anyway):

– Cupid Bow link
– Love Arrow link
– Pair of Wings link

After getting the required amount of items, you will be allowed to complete the Cupid’s Garden in FarmVille and you’ll have a chance to trade your Arrows, Bows and Pair of Wings to get some really nice items. Below you can see the items you can get from Cupid’s Garden and the prices required to get them (you can also see them in-game in the Cupid Garden after completing the building itself)

Here are the prizes that you can redeem, grouped on item requirements:

Love Arrows
Heart Rose Bed – 5 Arrows
Smitten Stallion – 170 Arrows

Cupid Bows
Giant Cupid Tree – 35 Bows
Smitten Sheep – 75 Bows

Pair of Wings

Swan Pond – 15 Pairs of Wings
Smitten Cow – 100 Pairs of Wings

So make sure you put the item request links above to great use and claim all these cool prizes in FarmVille!