The Chinese New Year has just passed in real life, but this doesn’t mean that the celebrations can’t continue, at least in Hidden Chronicles. Zynga have decided to start the celebration of the Year of the Dragon in their hidden object game with new items, missions and new scenes: the Emperor’s Chamber being the first of them.

The missions are related to the Year of the Dragon Scenes themselves. For example, the first new mission in the game is Unlock Emperor’s Chamber Scene and requires you to do the following:

– Place a Decoration from the Chinese New Year Collection
– Get 5 Red Envelopes

This unlocks the Emperor’s Chamber scene and gets you to the second mission, where you will have a chance to unlock a new scene.

You have to be kind of quick, though, since you only have time by February 5th to unlock all of them, or else you’ll lose the chance. However, I guess that it’s enough time to do it.