Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Especially if going there doesn’t require you winning a TV show with questions more difficult than those in Slumdog Millionaire? We can easily get tons of money in our pockets in Millionaire City, a game by Digital Chocolate (the creators of MMA Pro Fighter). Will it be a pleasant experience? Read on this game review and find out!

First of all, it’s worth noting that the gameplay itself is really, really simple: you have some land and money and you will build all sorts of buildings – but mostly houses – in order to bring in some profits, get more money and build more. The game is played easily using the mouse only and you don’t even need a tutorial to know what you have to do (however, for those who are really inexperienced, Millionaire City has a tutorial too).

Once you have a few houses built, you can click on them and sign a rent contract: the costs you have to pay vary from one length to another with the cheapest and most profitable being the shortest one and the income also vary depending on your contract. No matter how you put it and which contract you choose, pretty soon you’ll have loads of cash on your hands, ready to spend them on decorations, wonders and even more houses.

Decorations in Millionaire City also have a purpose: they add a percentage to the amount of money you can get from renting your houses, so filling the space between buildings with shrubs and trees is a great idea. Also, we have wonders to build (just three of them at the moment of writing this review) which also increase the profits of all the buildings you own, but take a long time to build if you don’t have a few friends to help you out.

At first, the game is pretty fun and easy to play, with just a few clicks allowing you to do basically everything you can wish for. Also, the visuals are pretty nice and there are tons of achievements to earn (even though, once earned, the achievements disappear and there’s no “trophy list” or anything similar). However, it’s this simplicity that makes Millionaire City just a mediocre game.

There’s not too much to do in your city once you have the houses set, there’s not much interaction to be had with the neighbors: you can only visit them for a bonus of collecting the rent, but there’s no gift sending involved and nothing else, which makes the whole experience quite drab in the end and the game short lived. However, since Millionaire City is still in beta and many changes might be made in the future, you might wish to give it a try on Facebook and decide if it’s the title you wanted to play.

– Good graphics
– Lots of achievements
– Doesn’t take too much time to play

– too simple
– boring
– the “social” element is almost non-existent.

Final Rating: