Disasters in SimCity 2013 are not really the things to go after, but if you really want them for fun and giggles and extra work in your city, then you can unlock them by completing a set of secret achievements. I am here to tell you how to unlock the disasters in SimCity 2013 and we have below all the six disasters that you can currently have in the game (in alphabetical order):

Big Lizard: At the Garbage Dump, burn 100 tons of garbage inside an Incinerator
Earthquake: Mine 100 tons of coal (or ore)
Meteor Strike: Get 200 tourists at an Airport in one day
Tornado: Have a combined number of 24 Wind Turbines and Wind Power Plants
UFO Encounter: Ship a resource to a Space Center Great Work
Zombie Attack: Get a Diagnostic Lab to a Hospital and have 15 Sims die in a single day

Although these SimCity 2013 disasters are fun to watch, they will cause a lot of damage, so think twice before unlocking them willingly. A good idea might be to do it in the Sandbox game mode and not in your main city where you can’t save and load and undo the havoc.