Increasing density in SimCity 2013 can sometimes prove a really difficult task, especially if you don’t know exactly what you have to do in order to achieve this. Increasing the density in SimCity 2013 is actually based on other factors and I am here to talk about that and hopefully shed some light over this matter that you clearly bumped into recently.

So, first thing that you should know is that population density in SimCity 2013 is completely connected to the happiness of your residents. This means that you need to have you residents happy (as opposed to increase the land value) in order to have a higher density.

In order to keep your residents happy, it’s a good idea to offer your residents access to shopping, so make sure that your citizens in the zone you want a high density have access to Goods (so not just Shops, make sure that they are always stocked). You should also have some parks for your low income residents to visit in order to gain some extra happiness. However, the trick with parks is that they also increase the value of the land, so you might end up getting wealthier Sims instead of increasing your density, so pay attention to this aspect!

Also roads are important here, as you need density roads for high density areas in SimCity 2013: simply place medium or high density roads in your city or upgrade your road network to achieve this and you are all set!

And this is it! Hopefully it’s now clear how to increase your population density in SimCity 2013 and you’ll be more successful at achieving your goals!