Rumors started a couple of days ago regarding a possible release of the Dragonfruit to Zynga’s Treasure Isle, but only today things became official as the fruit was finally released in the game, appearing to be simply the Best. Fruit. Ever. At least for now…

The Dragonfruit gives you an amazing 50 energy in the game and is ready to be harvested in 2 hours time. Also, for now, it appears that the fruit does not expire, which is an even better piece of news!

However, the Treasure Isle Dragonfruit can not be purchased from the market and planted like the regular fruits. Instead, at random intervals, you will get a pop-up message within the game announcing you that you’ve found a Dragonfruit and that you can planr it on your two plots. Well… it’s better than nothing, I believe!

What do you think about this new fruit in Treasure Isle? Have you found some yet?