FIFA World Cup fever has reached Pet Society and you can be part of the celebration by dressing up your pet as a referee and decorating your room with football items.

Two World Cup items are found at the Market shop. They are in the Cool Stuff section. These are the Soccer Goal (1,000 coins) and the Bouncy Soccer Ball (1,000 coins). These items can transform your room into a soccer field.

You can also find in the Market Shop are nine clothing items you can use to dress up your pet. These are the Referee’s Hat (400 coins), Green Soccer Jersey (300 coins), Red Soccer Jersey (350 coins), Referee’s Jersey (300 coins), Referee’s Shorts (200 coins), White Soccer Shorts (250 coins), Referee’s Cleats (100 coins), Grey Soccer Cleats (100 coins), and the Black Soccer Cleats (100 coins).

You can buy the items individually or if you want to save on coins, you can opt for the World Cup Bundle. When purchased separately, the items will cost you 4,100 coins. With the World Cup Special, you’ll get all eleven items for the low price of 2,800 coins. That’s a savings of 1,300 coins.

Soccer fans should grab this offer from Playfish immediately. The World Cup Special is available until July 12 only.