If you’re one of Restaurant City players who invested in beds for your staffs, then you need to know that when shifts are introduced in the game the role of beds has been rewritten. Resting has been removed from the game. This means beds are now not used for sleeping.

Beds will now make your staffs work faster. If you have the Basic Red Bed, your workers will work 0.5 percent faster. The Gingerbread Bed gives a one percent work boost. The effect doesn’t stack. That means a single bed will do the trick. No need for multiple items in your restaurant.

With that said, Playfish made it a point that players will be compensated for buying beds before. Players can sell the beds for their full coin value. A Basic Red Bed is priced at 4,500 coins while the Gingerbread Bed is at 12,000 coins.

At present there are no beds available in Restaurant City. This is a bonus for players who have purchased these items before. If you have beds, you’ll see your worker sleeping on it when your restaurant is closed.

Do you have any beds in your inventory? This is a good time to use them in Restaurant City.