Because of the public clamor for cheaper, Playfish decreases the price for shifts in Restaurant City. Now the cost for your restaurant operation is cheaper than when it was first introduced. For example, the cost for a 24 hour shift dropped from 29,100 coins to 12,700 coins. That’s more than half of the original price.

Here’s the list of Opening Hours costs for Restaurant City (previous cost in parenthesis):

30 Mins – Free
1 Hour – (400 Coins) 100 Coins
2 Hours – (1,200 Coins) 400 Coins
4 Hours – (3,100 Coins) 1,200 Coins
6 Hours – (5,200 Coins) 2,100 Coins
8 Hours – (7,700 Coins) 3,200 Coins
12 Hours – (12,500 Coins) 5,300 Coins
24 Hours – (29,100 Coins) 12,700 Coins

As you can see there is a significant drop in the cost of shifts in Restaurant City. Maybe players will complain less about the new system and enjoy the game like you did before it was introduced.

Also when the new system was implemented some players have experience their level decreased. But in reality the number of Gourmet Points remained the same. Playfish just nerfed the number of Gourmet Points required for each level. The shifts make it easier for you to collect Gourmet Points and coins.

What do you think about this new development in Restaurant City? Will you purchase a long operation hour with that amount of coins or will you keep your restaurant closed?